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Place orders in TEST mode

After every new Restaurant you set up, it’s always best practice to place a TEST order with that Restaurant. This can help avoid any issues when real customers place real orders.

Enable TEST mode on the Platform

  1. On the top-level menu go to Configuration > Settings

    Configuratio settings Test Mode

  2. Scroll down at the bottom of the Stripe Account section toggle the User Stripe in « live » mode off.

    Toggle Off Stripe Live

  3. On the popup click on Switch to « test » mode and enable maintenance to enable TEST mode on the Platform.

    Here is what the Platform looks like for non-admin users when Maintenance mode is ON.

    TEST mode Platform Disabled Non Admin User

  4. Above the Stripe Account section you can toggle OFF Maintenance mode and clicking on Disable maintenance from the pop-up

    Disable Maintenance Mode

    TIP: You can decide whether to keep Maintenance mode ON or toggle it OFF whilst he Platform is on TEST mode. When Maintenance mode is OFF you can place TEST orders as a non-admin user.

Place a TEST order

  1. Go to the Restaurant homepage.
  2. Proceed with the steps of placing an order