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Set up the CoopCycle plugin

This requires that you’ve previously set up a Store account on your instance.

Set up the plugin on WordPress (WooCommerce)

  1. Go to PluginsAdd New

  2. Search for CoopCycle or download the plugin from here and upload it manually.

  3. Click Install Now to install CoopCycle plugin.

  4. Click Activate after installation has finished

  5. Go to PluginsInstalled Plugins

  6. In the plugins panel go to CoopCycleSettings

  7. In the Base URL enter the URL of your instance:

    IMPORTANT: Make sure you DON'T type the forward slash / at the end of the URL
  8. If you are the developer of the Business’s website, request the API keys from the Coop administrator.
    (Without API Keys you won’t be able continue setup of the plugin).

  9. Click Save Changes

  10. Go to WooCommerceSettingsShipping tab

  11. Click Add Shipping Zone

    ATTENTION: If you have more than one (1) Shipping zones make sure to move the smnaller shipping to the top. Otherwise the Coop shipping method will not be displayed at checkout.
  12. Fill out the details as follows:

    Zone name

    Type in the name of the city or the name of the Coop.

    Zone region

    Select the specific region from the dropdown menu.

    Click Save changes.

  13. Click Add shipping method on the same screen.

  14. Select CoopCycle from the dropdown menu and click Add shipping method.

  15. Click Save Changes

  16. Done! Add an item to your shop’s cart, open your cart, and the Coop shipping method should be automatically displayed or allowed to select it.