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Management of users

The list of administrators is available in the page Users. This list describes accounts which are inscribed on the platform and their associated informations. It also enables to add/create a new user.

User profil

An user account is associated to the following informations :

  • User name
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Telephone number
  • Password
  • Email adress

It is possible to activate/desactivate users. A desactivated user is disconnected and can’t access the platform anymore.


Every user can have one or several roles. Every role gives access to some platform features.

Role Customer Bike messenger Restaurant Shop Admin
To edit his/her own personal informations
To create and modify restaurants      
Mannage orders      
To edit a receipt      
To create and modify menus      
To create shops        
To modify shops      
To create a delivery      
To manage deliveries      
To access CoopCycle API    
To edit roles for users        
To edit contracts and tarifications        

Assignation of a shop/restaurant

On the informations about an user which has the Restaurant role, you can assignate him/her (To make him/her owner) a shop that you have previously created. It also works for an user who has a shop-owner role.