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Change the map suggestions provider

The options are:

  • Algolia
  • Location IQ
  • Geocode.Earth
  • Google

Configuring Google Maps as a suggestions provider

In order to use Google Maps as a suggestions provider, you need to request a Google API Key and enable Billing on it.

  1. Log into the Google Console with a google account.
  2. Select your country.
  3. Accept Terms of Service

  5. Go to the navigation menu (☰) on the left-hand side.
  6. Scroll down until you see Google Maps Platform and hover over it.
  7. Choose Credentials.

  8. Click on Select a project on the top blue bar.

  9. On the pop-up, click on New Project

  10. Type a Project name and click CREATE at the bottom.

  11. Go to the navigation menu (☰) again
  12. Select API and Services, then Library.

  13. Search for the following three (3) settings and Enable them:

    Geocoding API Maps JavaScript API Places API
  14. Select Google Maps Platform, select APIs again and you should see 3 APIs enabled: Geocoding API, Maps JavaScript API and Places API.

    IMPORTANT: Now you need to create the API key.
  15. Still on the Google Maps Platform settings screen click on Credentials again
  16. Select + CREATE CREDENTIALS at the top of the screen
  17. Select the first option: API Key.

    IMPORTANT: An alphanumeric code will de displayed which is the API Key, copy it to the clipboard.
  18. The last step is to enable Billing.
  19. Go to the Billing settings by clicking here.
  20. Choose the project that you have already configured,

  22. Enter the required information and agree to the Google Cloud Platform Free Trial Terms
  23. Click CONTINUE.
  24. Enter your personal information, including bank account and select the option Begin Free Trial.
  25. A Welcome Message should be displayed
  26. Click on Ready.

This means you have successfully enabled Billing on your Google API Key.

Finally, the API Key you copied earlier, needs to be entered in the Google API Key field that is displayed once Google is selected as a Suggestions provider.

See the exmaple .gif below: