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Create a Restaurant

Please contact a cooperative of CoopCycle. Only an administrator can create a new restaurant.

Step 1 : Add General information

Now you have to add general information about your restaurant. Some of these informations would be possibly editing later with your restaurant account, but other - such as the terms of the contract or options - are only accessible with adminstrator account. 4 tabs have to be complete :


On this General tab, you can modify general informations about your restaurant :

  • Displayed to clients :
    • Name of the Restaurant on CoopCycle
    • Type of Business
    • Adress
    • Description of your restaurant
    • Web
  • Not displayed to clients :
    • Website
    • Telephone number
    • Business information


4 options have to be decided on this tab :

  • Restaurant is exclusive which means that it is only available on CoopCycle
  • Restaurant is featured on homepage
  • Restaurant also accepts quotes (e.g.:catering)
  • Enable Deposit-Refund system



On this page, you can choose between two types of activity, or chose both :

  • Collect, which means that the customer comes to the restaurant to take-away his or her order
  • Delivery, which means that the cooperative delivers the order to the customer

For each activity, you can edit a schedule which determines when customers can receive their orders or come take them at the restaurant.

For each schedule you have to choose between As soon as possible and time slot :

  • As soon as possible : The customer receives his or her order as soon as possible. On his or her application, the customer during his or her order sees : “in XX minutes”
  • Time slot : The customer choses when he or she receives the order. On his or her application, the customer during his or her order sees : “Between XX PM/AM and XX PM/AM”

For each schedule, you have to chose with the administrator if the restaurant-owner has the right to change these schedules. Click on allow editing if it is the case.

Global options

  • Define a delivery perimeter
  • Define, if needed, an additional delay before ordering. For instance, if you put 1 in the day field, customers have to order the day before.
  • Define, if needed, a number of shipping choices


You will find on this page the terms of the contract between the local delivery collective and the restaurant. They cover the following aspects :

  • Delivery price :
    • Part to be paid by the restaurant (“Amount charged by the platform” for a fixed cost and “Platform fee for deliveries” for a proportionnal fee). It is also possible to create your own rule of pricing and apply it in this page. Please see the documentation about pricing in administrator’s guide/logistics.
    • Part to be paid by the final client.(“Amount paid by the customer” for a fixed cost and “Fees paid by the customer” for a proportionnal fee). It is also possible to create your own rule of pricing and apply it in this page.
  • Minimum basket amount
  • Platform fees for take-away.

Create an account or invitation

Method 1 : create your account

Restaurant owner has to create an account on CoopCycle. It has to fill the following informations :

  • Email
  • Username
  • Password
  • Given Name and Family Name
  • Telephone Number

Keep secret your username and password, you will have to use it when you are using CoopCycle to manage your restaurant.

Method 2 : Invitation

In this second method, it is administrators who invite you on CoopCycle.

In order to do that, Administrators have to click on users tab on the top of the administrator’s dashboard. On this new page, a blue button Invite an user enables administrators to create an account on behalf of an user. It has to fill following fields :

  • Username
  • Email (of the invited person)
  • Given name and Family name
  • The status of the account - In this case, chose Restaurant if you invite a restaurant-owner -

At the end, it is the user who will chose his/her password, which is secret.

Add a role : restaurant-owner

Only administrators can add you a role on your account of Restaurant. If you used Method 2, you don’t need to change the status of the account, because your account has already been created as Restaurant.

If you used Methode 1, you have to follow theses steps :

  • Administrators click on users tab on the top of the administrator’s dashboard.
  • Administrators search your username of the searchingfield or find you on the list and click on green edit button.
  • Administrators add you a Restaurant role and click on save

Only administrators can link an account with a restaurant. On the same editpage that before, please fill the add a restaurant field with the name of the restaurant.

After step, when restaurant-owner is connecting to CoopCycle with his or her username and password, he/her will only have access to his/her restaurant.

About the creation of your Stripe account, please see [Admin’s guide/Stripe]{}. Instructions are the same for cooperative and restaurant. The only difference is what you do next with your Stripe account.

When a restaurant has created its Stripe account, this one can be connected to CoopCycle platform and to the restaurant :

  • If administrators enabled restaurant to manage its own Stripe account, restaurant-owner with his/her own account can connect Stripe account by going on General information by clicking on the name of the restaurant, or on the edit button. Then click on the Payment tab and connect with Stripe.
  • If administrators disabled restaurant to manage its own Stripe account, you have to follow the same steps but with an administator account to connect restaurant stripe account.