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Creating restaurants

This page describes the process for creating a restaurant on the CoopCycle platform. Don’t hesitate to ask for help to configure the first restaurants.
This takes place in two stages:

  • Create the restaurant on the CoopCycle platform
  • Create a Stripe account

After performing these two steps:

  • Create an account for the restaurateur in the “Users” section
  • Assign the restaurant to this restaurateur so that he can access the back office


  • Having correctly configured the Stripe account linked to the platform (link to the corresponding page)

Minimum information required beforehand:

  • Name, first name of the restaurateur
  • Legal name of the restaurant
  • Restaurant phone number
  • Restaurant address
  • IBAN of the restaurant
  • Color front / back scan of the restaurant owner’s identity card in JPEG or PNG format (Stripe request after the first orders for identity verification)
  • Contractual information (what delivery rate for the restaurant owner? For the customer? Who pays the payment fees?)

Optional information:

  • Opening hours (times when delivery is activated)
  • Number Siret

1 - Creating a restaurant

  • From the “Restaurants” tab, click on “Add a restaurant”
  • Enter information in the corresponding fields

Creation d'un restaurant

  • Click on “Save”  

    2 - Creating a restaurant Stripe account

  • From your Stripe dashboard,, create a new account by clicking on the top left on “New Account”. Indicate the name of the restaurant.

Stripe Stripe  

  • From the restaurant page on the platform, in the “Stripe Account” section, click on the “Connect with Stripe” button. The process must be repeated for dev operation and live operation.


  • A Stripe page opens. In the “Switch account” dropdown select the corresponding restaurant.


  • Entrer les informations du restaurateur correspondantes. Attention : dans le champ “Customer phone number” indiquez votre numéro de téléphone pas celui du restaurateur.

  • Check your phone number at the following address: enter your phone number then copy the code received by SMS (you should have received an email notification)

  • And There you go ! To check that everything is in order with Stripe:

    • In the Stripe dashboard, select your main account (the cooperative’s account) from the dropdown in the top left
    • Click on “Connect” then “Accounts” in the left column
    • In the “Recently connected accounts” list which appears click on the first (the last linked account)
    • Check that “Payments” and “Payouts” are green - in case of problems contact