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What is the “live mode” and “test mode” of Stripe?

The CoopCycle platform can be configured to use the “live” or “test” mode from the “settings” tab. In test mode clients will not be debited. You have to use test cards (typically 4242 4242 4242 4242 4242). Don’t forget to switch to “live” mode before going into production !

How to configure Stripe/Stripe Connect on your platform?

  1. Create a Stripe account here , then:

Note: Live and test keys and IDs are not displayed on the screen at the same time. There is a switch on the page to display either test or live data.

  1. Configure the redirection url for Stripe Connect

How to activate your Stripe account to use the platform?

You need to activate your Stripe account to start using the platform in “live”. Click on “Activate your account” on the left and enter the required informations. (video:

How to see the money earned through the platform?

The funds earned by the platform (the delivery cooperative) are calculated as a commission on the merchant’s payment. Go to this URL

How to receive this money on your account?

Payments from your Stripe account to your bank account will be made regularly (“payouts”). You can access the list of payouts here : You can also request on this page an immediate transfer to your account.