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Create a Store

  1. Click on Create a new store
  2. Fill in the fields in General and Settings tabs from the left.



    Type the name of the store.

    Type the legal name of the store.


    Type the website of the store


    Type the Telephone of the store.



    Choose a pricing that corresponds for each Store. As Stores don’t handle payments, the Pricing is mostly used for record-keeping and invoicing (the latter is done outside the platform).

    See here on how to create a pricing.

    Additional settings

    IMPORTANT: Make sure to check ☑️ the Create orders option. This will allow store owners to create orders.
    • Pre-fill automatically pickup address will fill in the store address each time a store owner creates a delivery.
    • Require input of weight will make the weight field mandatory when creating an order.
    • Require input of packages will make the packages option mandatory when creating an order.

    Time slot

    Choose a time slot that corresponds for each Store.

    See here on how to create a time slot.

    Package set

    Choose a package that corresponds for each Store.

    See here on how to create a package.


    A store tag is different than a task tag. Choosing a tag for a Store will automatically place the tag to both tasks when a delivery is created.

    See here on how to create a tag.

  3. Click Save After saving settings new settings will be visible on the right-hand pane.

    Address book

    This settings allows you to add as many addresses as you want and they will be displayed as a dropdown menu when typing in either the Pickup or Dropoff address when creating an order.

    The system will make the Store address as default. You can change this once you added a second or more addresses.


    This section displays all the users assigned to a Store.

    IN PROGRESS: The Invite user feature is a work in progress. Instead, send them the the Register URL and then assign the user to a Store.

    In the search box you can search for a user and when selecting the desired user it will be assigned to the Store.

    IMPORTANT: Make sure the selected user has the Role Store checked ☑️, otherwise the user doesn't get assigned. After assigning a user you can also check ☑️ the Store role for that user and it will be automatically assigned.


    This sections displays all the Past, Upcoming and Current deliveries.

    1 This is the Delivery number. By clicking on it it will display the Delivery details.

    2 This is the Store to which the Delivery belongs. By clicking on it it will filter all the deliveries and show only the deliveries of that Store.

    3 This is the courier that fulfilled the Delivery. By clicking on it it will display the courrier’s details.

    4 This displays the Delivery details.