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In CoopCycle’s « vocabulary », a Store represents a B2B customer, i.e. a professional merchant to whom the cooperative offers its delivery services.

Basically, a Store is a container for deliveries. Users can be attached to a Store, and once attached, they can use the web interface to order deliveries using a form. The deliveries ordered this way land directly in the dispatch.

Store Settings

The settings will change the behavior of the form to order a delivery.

Store Settings


This allows to decide how the prices for this Store will be calculated. You can choose among the Pricing Rules that you have configured previously.

Learn more about defining Pricing Rules.

Heads up

If you want the price to be displayed to the user, you need to check the « Create orders » checkbox.

Time Slot

This allows to decide which time slots the user will be able to select.

Learn more about defining Time Slots.