A store allows a business owner to create deliveries via the backoffice. The price of the delivery is calcuted according to the tarification which is associated to the store by an administrator. The stores don’t have for the moment a public page which enable an end customer to directly order

The page Stores lists the stores which were configured on the platform. A store-owner will display a list of stores that he manages.

The list of stores displays :

  • Button : To create un store
  • ID, link towards the store
  • Name of the store
  • Adresse of the store
  • Tarification
  • Timetable

Creation / management of a store

Only administrators can create a store. Shop-owners can only configure parameters of their store and engage orders. The creation of a store displays these options :

  • To upload a picture
  • Name of the sop
  • Legal name of the store
  • Website
  • Telephone number
  • Siret number

Every store is associated to a tarification. See tarifications part for further informations.

A button which is above the informations of the store enables a store-owner to create an order. Therefore, an order can be created by an administrator or by a store-owner. The price of the delivery is calculated thanks to the tarification associated to the store