A shop enables a shop-owner to create deliveries through a backoffice. The price of the delivery is calcuted according to the tarification which is associated to the shop by an administrator. The shops don’t have for the moment a public page which enable an end customer to directly order

The page Shops lists the shops which were configured on the platform. A shop-owner will display a list of shops that he manages. The list of shops displays :

  • Button : To create un shop
  • ID, link towards the shop
  • Name of the shop
  • Adresse of the shop
  • Tarification
  • Timetable

Creation / management of a shop

Only administrators can create a shop. Shop-owners can only configure parameters of their shop and engage orders. The creation of a shop displays these options :

  • To upload a picture
  • Name of the sop
  • Legal name of the shop
  • Website
  • Telephone number
  • Siret number

Every shop is associated to a tarification. See tarifications part for further informations.

A button which is above the informations of the shop enables a shop-owner to create an order. Therefore, an order can be created by an administrator or by a shop-owner. The price of the delivery is calculated thanks to the tarification associated to the shop