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General Settings

ALERT: Make sure to save your settings after each change you make.
TIP: After having clicked Create a new restaurant write the name of the restaurant, input the business address and save settings. This will enable all the General settings and also allow you to upload a restaurant logo.


Name public

This is how the name of the restaurant will be displayed to customers.

Type of business not-public

You will see two top-level categories, Store and Food establishment.

Any type of business selected under either category is not shown on the homepage of the Restaurant/Shop.

What Type of buiness does, is place the Business under the Store or Restaurant section on the home page of the CoopCycle platform.

Address field public

Write here the physical address of the business.

If the legal address under which the business is registered is not the same as the physical address you need to check ☑️ Use a different business address checkbox and in the Address field below write the legal address under which the business is registered.

TIP: The legal address is not shown to the customer

Description public

Write a description about the restaurant which is shown to the customer.

TIP: You can format the text with Markdown

Write here the legal name under which the business is registered. This will not be shown to the customer.

Website public

Write here the website of the business. This will be shown to the customer.

Telephone public

Write here the phone number of the business. Customers may contact the business using this number.


This restaurant is exclusive

If checked ☑️ it places an Exclusive badge on the restaurant and brings it forwards on the homepage.

If checked ☑️ it brings the restaurant forwards on the homepage.

This restaurant also accepts quotes

If checked ☑️ it allows customers to place orders without paying.

Enable desposit-refund system.

When this option is checked ☑️ you will find a new setting under More options ▼ on the restaurant Product Navigation Menu.


Fulfillment methods

  • Delivery - the orders placed by customers are delivered by the coop
  • Collection - the order placed by customers are collected by the customers

Checking either option will enable editing the corresponding schedule section. Make sure you scroll down too see the settings for each section.

Delivery section

TIP: By unchecking either Delivery or Collection the business will have its products greyed out, respectively of each option, not allowing customers to order.

Delivery time slots

When you’ve just created a business/restaurant from + Create a new restaurant the Delivery Time slot under Fulfillment will show no time slots. Click Add to create a new time slot.

By clicking Add a new time slot field will become available. Choose the corresponding Time and Days. See example below:

TIP: Saving settings only works if a Time Slot has a selected time and at least one (1) checked ☑️ day. See below:

If you need to remove a Time Slot click the button on the right-end of the Time Slot.

As soon as possible (ASAP)
This option works best when the delivery opening hours of the business is set in a single Time Slot. See the above image, e.g. 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM. This option allows the customer to place an order to be delivered as quickly as possible. Go to Prepration to check how the ASAP times are configured. See images below for ASAP delivery times examples:

Cart Popup

Time slot
This option works best when you create multiple time slots within the delivery opening hours of the business. Se image below:

In this case, the delivery opening hours of the business are 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM. But the whole schedule has been split into hourly slots. When Time slots is selected, customers will see multiple hourly slots as delivery times. See images below (click to open full-size images in a new tab):
TIP: You don’t necessarily have to create hourly slots, you can create shorter or longer slots.

Cart Popup

TIP: You can use the ASAP option with multiple slots.
WARNING: If you have one (1) slot, 09:00 AM - 6:00 PM, and you choose Time Slots, the delivery option for the customer will show up as only one time slot of 9 hours.

Allow pre-ordering

ALERT: This setting only works with the option As soon as possible selected.

When this option is checked ☑️ it allows customers to order before the delivery or collection opening time of the restaurant. Specifically the Order button on the restaurant homepage will be disabled.

Before this option was implemented, customers could always pre-order.

Allow editing

When this option is checked ☑️ it allows the business owner to edit the Delivery Time Slots.
This option is unchecked by default.

Minimum cart amount

By setting a minimum cart amount the system doesn’t allow purchases under the set amount. If minimum cart amount is £8 than only purchases that equal or are above £8 can be placed.

Additional delay before ordering

This option is one of the methods that allows pre-ordering. When either Day(s) or Hour(s) is set with a value equal or greater than 1 the delivery time will be displayed in the future from the current time of ordering.

If Day(s) is set to 1 the first available delivery time will always be displayed as +1 day from the current day. See images below (these screenshots were taken on a Friday):

Delay: 1 Day Delay: 2 Days

If Hour(s) is set to 1 the first available delivery time will always be displayed as +1 day from the current day. See images below (these screenshots were taken at 13:00. The extra time after o’clock is the delivery and preparation times):

Delay: 1 Hour Delay: 2 Hours

Range duration

IMPORTANT: Range duration is used together with the option As soon as possible” selected.

INFO: Range duration doesn’t apply for Collection.

Range duration specifies the time frame of a delivery on top of the Preparation time settings of the restaurant.

This setting works only for newly placed orders.

If a customer places an order at 18:00 and Range duration is set for 10 minutes the delivery slot for their order will be 18:30 - 18:40. The Range duration is from 30 to 40 minutes and the Preparation time is from 18:00 to 18:30.

Number of shipping choices (in days)

The default value is 2. It cannot be changed to anything lower than 2. The default value 2 means the cutomer will be presented with two delivery days (current day and the next day). If the value is 3 the customer will be presented with three (3) delivery days. See images below:
TIP: The days when the business is closed do not count towards the Number of shipping choices (in days).

Shipping choices: 2 Shipping choices: 3

Delivery perimeter

The first option has two choices, Zone and Distance.

Selecting Zone allows you select a delivery zone previously configured and uploaded under Settings > Zones. It will turn the second option into a dropdown menu from which you can select a pre-configured zone.

Selecting Distance (km) allows you to input a value in numbers representing the radius in kilometers with the center at the address of the business.


Connect with Stripe

In the Payment section you will find two Connect with Stripe buttons. One for Test and another for Live mode. You should connect Test mode first and make Test payments to make sure the Restaurant and Stripe account of the restaurant are configured correctly.

Go to Creating a Stripe account to begin setting up the account.

To know more about Test (how to make Test payments) and Live mode go here

Allow the restaurant to manage Stripe account on its own

When enabled this option makes the Payment section visible on the restaurant’s owner account. Meaning they will be able to connect Stripe themselves. The option is disabled by default.


IMPORTANT: Enable variable amount charged by the platform and Enable variable amount paid by the customer both need to have the same option selected, either yes or no.

Selecting No

Selecting no is the default option and will allow you to use a fixed amount when charging the delivery fee to the customer.

Amount charged by the platform is the fixed delivery fee that the Coop will receive (the platform being the Coop).
Amount paid by the customer is the fixed delivery fee that the Customer will pay when ordering.

There are two ways this can be configured.

Option 1:

If the Amount charged by the platform is equal to the Amount paid by the customer it means the customer gets charged a certain fee and the Coop receives that exact fee.

Amount charged by the platform Amount paid by the customer Coop receives
5 5 5

Option 2:

If the Amount charged by the platform is higher than the Amount paid by the customer it means the Restaurant pays the difference between the platform and the customer fee.

Charged by the platform Paid by the customer Paid by the Restaurant Coop receives
5 2 3 5

TIP: This option allows for Restaurants to sponsor the Customers by offering their products at a smaller delivery fee.

Selecting Yes

Selecting yes will allow you to use a custom delivery fee. This fee can be configured [here]