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On the main Packages page click Add to create a new Package.

Once you created one or more Packages on the main page the Item number, Name and Type of packages will be displayed for each Package.

Creating a Package


Type an easily identifiable name for your Package.

INFO: This name is not displayed to Customers or Store owners.


INFO: Under Packages you can create multiple type of packages.

Click on Add as many times as different Package types you need to create.


Type of name for the package type.

This can be anything from sizes, e.g.: SMALL 30x30, LARGE 50x50, X-LARGE 100x100, or coffee roasters BAG, CRATE, BOX, or any kind of categories of packages that you need.

INFO: Customers or Store owners will choose from the type of packages group, Sizes, Coffee roasters, Wholesale food shop.

Volume units

ATTENTION: This option is not implemented yet and it is unnecessary so far.

Once you’ve set up your Packages click Save.