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First things first

If you need to create and use this API it means your client (a business you deliver for) have their own website with e-commerce.

What does the API do?

It allows for orders placed on a third-party website to be sent directly to the Store account on your CoopCycle instance.

These purchases (orders) will show up under your client’s Store account.

Create the API keys

  1. Click the + Add button
  2. Give your API key pair a name under App name
  3. Choose the Store under Store
  4. Click the blue button Save

After you’ve created the keys, you will be automatically directed to the API main page. The newly created API keys should like this with the respective name and Store you chose.

Use the API keys

Use the Copy button for each key and send them securely to the person who will configure the plugin.

To learn how to set up the CoopCycle plugin go here.