Welcome to the administrator’s guide for CoopCycle platform.

Our software is a complete logistics and e-commerce system allowing the delivery of a product from A to Z. The platform is dedicated to bicycle delivery and its license is designed to reserve the use for worker-owned co-ops.

The platform is composed in two parts that communicate with each other:

  • a logistics part - tour management organized into a task system (two tasks form a delivery) allowing the following user actions:
    • an administrator can assign tasks or task lists to a courier;
    • an administrator can track the position of a courier in real time from the dispatch screen; adding can be done the day before (tour organization) or in real time;
    • a courier can receive spots on his smartphone (iOS and Android);
    • a courier can mark a task as done / missed (eg absence of the addressee), adding a comment.
    • an administrator can manage the pricing by store (by weight, distance, zone, type of bike);
    • a customer can order a delivery on the platform and pay (automated price calculation).

  • an e-commerce part (management of restaurants and shops) allowing the following user actions:
    • a customer can order a meal at a restaurant, by selecting the delivery time and address;
    • the customer can order via the platform or via the smartphone application;
    • a restaurant owner receives the order in real time, he can then accept / reject it;
    • a restaurant owner can mark the order as ready, in this case the courier is notified;
    • a restaurant owner can manage his menu online;